"Fullblood genetics -- the backbone of the Maine-Anjou Industry"

At McCulloch Cattle Co. we are committed to breeding the very highest quality of cattle possible. Through selectively breeding real Maine-Anjou cattle ( the red & white ones), we will continue to set the standard for pure, 100 % Maine-Anjou stock. Whether your looking to purchase cattle, semen, or you just want to see some of the most beautiful creatures on earth, you've come to the right place. So sit back, relax, and have a look around.

Our Herd Sire.... Isn't he a "Jim Dandy"?

Jim Dandy

Fullblood Maine-Anjou
Sire:  Stud Muffin 
Dam:  Inox Cow
Weight: 2,400 lbs.  

And don't he throw a "Dandy"!....

 Jim Dandy  X  Big Sky 721

Dana Girl

 Triple L Crown x MCCH Dana Kaye


Our "Lady"...

"2003 Grand Champion Female"  

"2003 Futurity Grand Champion"
National Fullblood Show, Ft. Worth

Lady 10M

Fullblood Maine-Anjou
Sire:   HM Count Cunia
Dam:  Sunnyview's Fancy Lady
BDay: 04/13/02  

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